How does alcohol blockade work ?



In today’s world, ensuring road safety is more important than ever. One innovative solution that is gaining ground is alcohol interlock, also known as ignition interlock. The technology is designed to prevent drivers under the influence of alcohol from starting their vehicle, reducing the risk of accidents. One of the leading brands in this field is FITALCO.

What is an alcohol blocker?

An alcohol interlock device, also known as an ignition interlock device, is a breathalyser installed in the vehicle. Its main function is to prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeds a set limit. This device is often imposed on those convicted of drink-driving as a condition of regaining their licence.

How does alcohol blockade work?

Alcohol blockade consists of several key elements:

  • Breathalyser unit: This is a portable device that the driver blows into before starting the vehicle. It measures the driver’s blood alcohol concentration.
  • Control unit: It is connected to the vehicle’s ignition system. It receives the BAC reading from the breathalyser unit and decides whether the vehicle can be started.
  • Data logger: This item records all breath tests and attempts to manipulate the device. This data can be monitored by the authorities to ensure compliance.

Here is a step-by-step look at how the device works:

  1. Pre-start test: Before starting the vehicle, the driver must blow into the breathalyser unit.
  2. BAC analysis: The device analyses a breath sample for alcohol concentration.
  3. Vehicle launch: If the BAC is below the set limit, the vehicle will be launched. If it is above the limit, the vehicle will remain immobile.
  4. Random retests: While driving, the device can trigger random breath tests to ensure continuous sobriety.

Benefits of using alcohol interlocks FITALCO.

Alcohol interlocks FITALCO are designed with advanced technology to ensure accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Increased accuracy: Devices FITALCO use state-of-the-art sensors to provide accurate BAC readings, minimising the risk of false results.
  • Tamper-resistance: Devices are equipped to detect and record tampering attempts, ensuring system integrity.
  • Friendly user interface: Blocks FITALCO are designed to be easy to use, enabling users to easily comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Data management: FITALCO offers comprehensive data recording and reporting to facilitate compliance monitoring by authorities and data review by users.

Who should use an alcohol blocker?

Although alcohol interlocks are often imposed on those convicted of drink driving, they can also be beneficial for:

  • Commercial fleet operators: To ensure that all drivers remain sober and increase fleet safety.
  • Family: Parents can use these devices to ensure that their children are not driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Employers: Companies can install interlocks on company vehicles to promote a culture of responsibility and safety.

Alcohol interlocks, such as those offered by FITALCO, play a key role in improving road safety by preventing drink driving. They offer a reliable and effective solution for individuals and organisations seeking to maintain sobriety behind the wheel. With advanced technology, user-friendly features and robust data management, FITALCO stands out as the leading choice in the market.

For more information on alcohol blocking FITALCO and their benefits to you or your organisation, contact us today. Together we can make the roads safer for everyone.