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FITAQUA, BLUEFILTERS, PLATINUM WASSER and FITALCO brands offer innovative solutions in the field of water filtration. Each brand represents advanced technology and exceptional quality, providing clean and healthy water for your home and office.


From the very beginning, FITAQUA has set itself a goal – to improving the quality of life through water filtration.

Filters and water treatment systems for home use are popular in Europe and around the world.

On the other hand, the three most important features of this brand are quality, innovation and Polish production. As a company, we want to have an impact on every aspect of product creation, from the idea to the final effect.


BLUEFILTERS Professional is one of the key brands of Amii.

A symbol of innovation and advanced technology in the field of water purification.

The brand’s filters are the culmination of extensive research aimed at achieving the highest standards, which allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to the individual needs of our customers.

Products from BLUEFILTERS are aimed at various sectors such as HoReCa, the cosmetics industry, office and public sectors, as well as industry and manufacturing.

BLUEFILTERS is a brand committed to ensuring safety and comfort, thereby enhancing the quality of life for individuals across the globe.


PLATINUM WASSER, an exceptional brand within the Amii portfolio.

We specialize in providing solutions that combine elegance with functionality, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.

PLATINUM WASSER products epitomize luxury and innovation, offering users a distinctive experience and elevating living standards significantly.


FITALCO is a dynamically developing brand specializing in the sale of sobriety testers.

Our offer is addressed to a wide range of customers who are looking for reliable tools for road safety checks.

We prioritize innovation and high-quality products to satisfy the demands of even the most exacting users. With a dedication to research and development, Fitalco provides cutting-edge equipment at the forefront of technology.

Our brand not only offers high-tech testers but also delivers expert advice and after-sales support. Customer satisfaction is paramount for Fitalco, which is why we continually strive to enhance our products and services. By choosing Fitalco, you are choosing quality, reliability and professionalism.

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